Live in an apartment?

Want a dedicated charge point for an electric vehicle?


We’re here to make that happen.

Welcome to Apartment Block Charging by Evergreen Energy

We put EV charging points right where you want them – in your dedicated parking space. We’re opening up EV ownership to as many apartment block residents as possible, right across the UK.

Five reasons why a dedicated charging point on your parking space is a great idea


No more searching around for available public charging points. No more sitting around in your vehicle waiting for it to charge. Just come home, plug in and your EV will be charged for whenever you need it

Safe and secure

Charge your EV safely and securely in your own block’s parking area. The sockets are especially designed so only the owner can access them, and your vehicle can charge whilst enjoying all the security that comes as standard in your block.

Cost-effective charging

Reduce your charging costs by enjoying the block tariff rather than the premium rates charged by some third-party charge providers

Add value to your home

If you own your apartment and want to sell it in the future, you’ll be instantly more appealing to any EV owners compared to those selling properties without charging capabilities.

Future-proof your EV choices

We can get your dedicated space all set up for EV charging without immediately switching it on. So, if you are planning to switch to an EV a year or so down the line, get one step ahead, have the infrastructure put in, and we’ll set you live when you are ready.

Why Apartment Block Charging by Evergreen Energy is the best choice for your charging needs

Everything is designed for apartment block residents

Shorter minimum contract periods.  No extended lock-ins.  Smart charging technology to help make sure everyone gets the charge they need. Flexible options around acquiring the hardware. We’ve built our solution with apartment block residents in mind.

We’ll put you in control

We’ve built easy to use tools that enable you to set your charging requirements, manage your billing and quickly raise any service or maintenance issues.  All at your fingertips.

We’ll manage everything

From installation through to equipment upgrades and repairs. From getting you signed up to closing your account should you choose to move in the future. We’ll manage it all. A single point of contact with a dedicated customer service team.

“Sounds good but how do I get it?”

We’re ready to get installing your charge point straight away. But, first we need to get your block managers attention and show them there is demand for this from their residents.

We need your help to make this happen

Let your apartment block manager know this is something you’d like. We’ve created a template to make that easy. Tell us a few details about yourself and your apartment block. We’ll generate an email that you can copy-and-paste and send to your block manager. We’ll then follow-up with your block manager and get the ball rolling.

We can get your space electrified in no time at all
And you’ll be one step closer to a cleaner, greener future.