We are the full service solution provider for electrifying your residents parking
spaces with dedicated EV charge points

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is here.  Your apartment block residents increasingly want to make the greener choice and switch to electric vehicles. These ambitions have previously been hampered by a lack of on-site, dedicated charging points.  Not anymore.

Welcome to Apartment Block Charging by Evergreen Energy.  We are part of the Evergreen Energy Group.  We’re on a mission to decarbonise and we’re now working with apartment block managers across the UK to make that happen.

We empower apartment block managers to future-proof their residents parking facilities by providing a complete end-to-end fully managed EV charging solution for every dedicated space.  Happy residents and a greener future.

Our Solution

We are your one-stop solution provider for electrifying your residents parking spaces.  We own the complexity so you don’t have to.  We undertake a no obligation site survey and pull together a tailored proposal.  We are long term partners, we take on the tech stack risk.  We’ll install, maintain, repair, switch out, upgrade and fully manage the end customer experience.  We’ll also help you access funding grants.

Tell us about your block and we’ll be in touch.

Benefits of working with us

Fully-managed – from site survey to servicing customers

We’ve got every aspect covered.  Leave it all to us, leaving you to concentrate on your core responsibilities

Access to government grants

We’ll make sure you can access the grants available and reduce your upfront costs even further.

Competitive pricing

We don’t cut any corners but we pride ourselves on the competitiveness of our pricing.  Why not find out for yourself?

Solutions designed with apartment residents in mind

We’ve designed the residents solution around the unique needs of apartment block residents.  Short minimum contracts, no long term commitments and flexible payment options.

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Why work with us

World Class Partners

We’ve partnered with the leading players to put together a best in class solution.  That means you only need to deal with us.   No multiple supplier relationships to manage.

Backed by the Evergreen Energy Group

We’ve been at the vanguard of the war against carbon for years.  We’re a proven track record and all the industry expertise you’ll ever need.  We’re the long term charging partner you can rely upon now and in the future.

Exceptional customer focus

We put the customer at the heart of everything we do.  Whether that’s apartment block managers like yourself or the residents of your block.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you can rest assured that we’ll be looking after your customers to the highest possible standard.

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