The UK’s most luxurious way of living can now be combined with the simplest way to offer personalised charging for residents.

Effortlessly add that personal electric touch.

We handle all the “behind-the-scenes” complexities such as electric load management, installations and resident customer support.
Allowing you to add personal EV charging in every space to your wide offering of amenities.
We also have options to integrate our smart charging technology into your own concierge app to keep the customer journey seamless.
Future proof your properties with Evergreen Apartment.

Make the numbers work for you.

Up Front Costs (1)

Choose either a low-cost upfront payment or a fully funded “per bay, per month” plan with small payments that could be included in services charges.

There when you need it. Gone when you don’t.

Our innovative charger system works by utilising a two-part design:

An affordable “backplate” that can be fully installed by our qualified EV installers. Keeping the charger costs up to 95% lower.

When needed, residents sign up to Evergreen Apartment. We come and “click in” the main charger in under 20 mins, and they are good to go!
One simple monthly bill covers the charger rental and the energy used. 

It’s that simple.

If a resident moves out, or a charger is no longer needed, the charger can be “clipped out” and moved to where it’s needed.
Perfect for Build-To-Rent lease styles

Zero headache guarantee

Evergreen Apartment handles the full end-to-end process. From initial site survey, though engaging with our fully accredited site installers. We talk to DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) if more capacity is required.

We fully engage with residents through a simple sign-up process, commissioning the charger in their bay taking payment as well as handling full customer support.

Like a mobile phone contract, there is one simple bill to the resident that covers all their energy use. With contracts starting from just 6 months, it couldn’t be easier.

Register your interest

If you’re a building manager interested in learning more, please leave your details below and a member of our team be in touch.
If you’re a resident looking for options for your EV in your own block, leave your details and we will get in touch with your building management for you on your behalf.